UseMyBank, a leading provider of alternate payment methods, is one of the most secure options for transferring money online. One of the key features of UseMyBank is that it allows players to use their current bank accounts to carry out transactions over the internet. The online payment option functions as a middle-man. It eliminates the need for the use of cards and e-wallets, which can make the money transaction process quite cumbersome. This is a convenient and simple provision which enables players to transfer money easily and quickly. UseMyBank is a great option for players in the US, especially since directly transferring money from the bank to a gambling site is not allowed. It acts as a conduit that transfers money from the player’s bank account to his casino account.

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Services Similar to Banking

You can make use of the services by this provided in the same way you would that of a bank. UseMyBank has taken this a step further and provided services that are quite streamlined and straightforward. The benefit of using this method is that players will be interacting with the financial institution with which they have an account. The methods of payment that UseMyBank employs are similar to those that a financial institution uses. As most players are comfortable with transferring money directly, this method is one of the most preferred options for them.

Secure Transactions

Players can be assured that the information they share with the service provider will be secured. Also, their personal or financial details will not be passed on to the merchant. Once you open an account with the provider, you can start transferring money to your online casino account to fund your bankroll. With UseMyBank, your transaction information too will be protected. Two top casinos that offer this provision are:

  • Titan Casino
  • Europa Casino

How to Use the Service

UseMyBank does not require players to register for a few types of its free services. You can transfer money from your bank account, by clicking on an icon marked “UseMyBank” in it. It will then present you with an application sheet through which you will have to provide your banking information. The service provider does not save the information. So, you will have to provide the information each time you want to make use of UseMyBank. This way, the service provider offers online casino players a payment option that does not require them to use a credit card. The benefit of opting for a debit service like that provided by UseMyBank is that you will be able to control the money you spend. This is because your bankroll can only be funded by the money you have in your bank account.

Accessibility to this payment option is contingent on two factors. First is that the country in which the player is accessing the games from, should be one where the payment method is provided. Second is that the bank with which the player has an account, should offer UseMyBank as an option. This payment option will provide you with immediate access to funds. This makes it a great option for players who want to transfer money to their online player accounts and start playing right away.