The Diners Club Card was established over half a century ago, and is widely considered as the first credit card to be used on a large scale. With time, Diners Club has expanded its services to include, among others, online casinos that gambling fans flock to each day. If you have a Diners Club card and you are a gambling enthusiast, then you are in luck. Many online casinos have started accepting Diners Club cards as a form of payment.

As they provide a very safe and easy method of depositing money, many avid gamblers opt to use them for financial transactions.

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How to make casino deposit with Diners Club Card

Frank McNamara is credited with establishing the Diners Club in the late 1940′s. He stumbled upon the idea when he left his wallet while going for a dinner and had to give his business card as a surety that he would settle his debt. Today, there are close to 10 million Diners Club Card holders who use their cards for travel and entertainment purposes, among many other applications.

Using Diners Club Card at an online casino is very simple. In fact it is pretty much the same as using any other credit card. You can start by choosing an online casino that offers this form of payment. Once you have zeroed in on one, fill in the account information and give your Diners Club Card details asked of you. After that you will be able to transfer money from your card to your casino account quickly and conveniently. As the Diners Club Card is used like a credit card, the lower limit for your casino account is lowered and the upper limit is also a lot more in comparison to other billing options present.

Online Casinos Accepting Diners Club Card

Funding your casino account with a Diners Club card is a fast and seamless process. With speedy transactions, you can start playing on the online casino very quickly. Apart from this, Diners Club offers customer support in a multiple languages. Also the Diners Club Cards are a part of the MasterCard chain’ so you can also sign up at casinos that accept MasterCard. You are protected by not only the online casino’s security, but also the world famous member’s benefits and security offered by Diners Club.

You won’t have to pay a fee when you use your Diners Club card, making it a good welcome deposit option. However, you cannot get withdrawals back on the card as is the case with most credit cards. Some online casinos accept Diners Club cards only if they have a MasterCard logo, so make sure you check this before you make your deposit.

The number of casinos supporting direct Diner’s Club transactions has gone down over the past few years. However, many casinos still accept credit cards, and Diners Club being a member of the MasterCard chain, is eligible for those casinos. Some of the casinos that accept Diners Club Cards are: